Tablet, iDea USA 7 Inch Tablet

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A good PC tablet can make your life more efficient and entertaining – all at quite an affordable price. The iDeaUSA CT740 tablet is a great option if you are looking for a portable mini computer to take anywhere you go. It’s small and lightweight, and will easily fit into your bag or backpack. The 7 Inch IPS screen is perfect for enjoying your media at various angles, and the tablet will be the perfect companion for watching videos or catching up on your reading as you commute to work.
One of the best features of this tablet PC is that it comes with an HDMI port. That means you can easily hook it up to your TV, and enjoy various media, web browsing and an Android interface on a large screen. This makes the mini-tablet extremely versatile, as you get the portability benefits of a smaller 7 inch screen, as well as the option of “going big” if you ever need to.
The tablet comes with two cameras, so you can always snap a quick pic or selfie on the go, with no separate camera needed. You will also get USB On-The-Go, letting the tablet act as a host for other multimedia devices and allowing easy storage options, file transfer or using it with a keyboard and mouse when plugged into your TV.
In addition to working and playing around with media, you can use the mini tablet to catch up with friends via Skype, enjoying audio or video chats. With the internal memory of 8GB and the support of up to 32 GB in external memory, you can keep the files you need the most right on the device.

At a Glance...

  • Watch your favourite media on the go on a lightweight 7 inch mini tablet
  • Enjoy bright colors and a variety of viewing angles on the 1024x600 IPS Screen
  • Hook it up to your TV via an HDMI port and enjoy your media on the big screen
  • Nothing will slow you down with the Quad Core RK3128 CPU